Shipping Insurance (IMPORTANT)

Despite the fact that I am not a shipping provider, I am still responsible for the shipping process as a seller.

Which means that I refund or change broken/lost/molded items. You only need to contact me with photos of the packaging and broken item.

If you decide to leave a negative review or file a claim, the insurance policy does not apply.

Is this vintage/refurbished/used/new?

ALL the items in the shop are brand new and made of organic materials only. Plastic and waste-free.

Do you ship to my country?

Our local post services ship to most countries even during COVID. But message me first to be sure.

Can I have it wider/narrower/higher/shorter, etc.?

Any customization is possible. If you don't know the exact dimensions you need, feel free to contact me directly. We can also advise you for better measurement, or you can even send us a photo of your interior for more precise recommendations.