About Us

Our wood/wicker workshop is born from the spirit of textures and natural materials. Our lampshades is the reflection of our love for making unique and intriguing designs. They are carefully crafted with plywood, cardboard and all kinds of weaving materials like rattan and wicker.
All our handmade pendants has been developed from a unique process to find the essential connection between the design and the interior. As a team creative carpenters, we are inspired by the beauty of nature, exclusive and original designs.

Wicker pendants are great options for outdoor use due to their durability. Plywood options are suitable for smaller enclosed private spaces of industrial style. Each item has a special touch and represents the finest samples of handcrafted art. We are always open to recreate our clients' ideas and customizing each lampshade to reflect their own style. Which means we are able to create a unique design and size by your photo.